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Michael Adcock Glazeware

Michael began his ceramics career as a production potter, making a line of high-fired functional utilitarian stoneware. By 1985 he had moved away from glazeware to fully devote his clay work to the line of mixed media, low-fired decorative vessels, in collaboration with Christine. Now, after 35 years, he has returned to his roots, and has developed a new line of utilitarian high fired white stoneware.

These designs are hand thrown on the potters wheel, and glazed in a variety of satin and matte glazes.

All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, and all glazes are lead-free.

Cups & Mugs

are of generous capacity, the cups holding 12 oz, and the mugs a full 20 oz. The tall mugs with their inward tapered rim, will keep your coffee or tea hot, or a mug of beer cold, holding in the foamy head.

The Art of the Handle

handle of fern mist mugThe handles on our mugs and cups are all “hand pulled”. This technique creates the most comfortable handle to hold, as it is formed by the hand, and not simply extruded and attached. Attaching a small slug of clay to the side of the vessel, it then hangs downward and is gently pulled and stretched to the proper length. The benefit of this technique is that the fingers of the stretching hand grasp the clay in the same position that the finished handle is later held, creating a comfortable surface to grip. After attaching the handle, a small thumb rest is added, providing added stability to the handle. The shape of the handle is carefully formed so that two or three fingers will rest as close to the cup or mug as possible, without touching, creating the ideal balance of hand to mug. It’s the attention to these details that make holding these pieces so pleasing and comfortable.