Materials & Processes
Adcock Studios Fine Crafts

Blue Agave Seed Pods

Harvested and dyed seed pods from the Blue Agave, the “Century Plant”, incorporated into smoke fired vessels.

Date Palm Inflorescense

The Inflorescence, from the flower of the male date palm, are soaked to soften, lightly dyed, and coiled into a basket.

Dracaena Draco leaves

Native to the Canary Islands this tree grows in Santa Barbara, we used the beautifully orange tipped leaf base to embellish our smoke fired pots.

Jacaranda Seed Pods

Seed pods of the Jacaranda tree, cut and drilled and woven into a basket with date palm Infloresence.


The long tough internal fibers from the leaves of the Spanish Dagger Agave. The material is harvested, cleaned, dyed and coiled into baskets.

Torrey Pine Needles

Dyed and natural Torrey Pine Needles coiled into baskets.