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Ceramic Cremation Urns

The Story of Our Cremation Urns

The Idea to Make Cremation Urns Came from Our Customers

Michael found himself increasingly questioned by customers at leading fine art and craft festivals around the country over a period of forty years, and often quite hesitantly, whether our lidded containers might be used as a container for the “cremains”, or ashes of their departed loved one. This is how our line of memorial cremation urns began.

Creating Cremation Urns for Your Family is an Honor

Having his containers used as cremation urns was not something Michael had previously considered. In fact, at first he was rather taken aback, having not yet been called upon to deal with the details of a death in the family, it was an unfamiliar prospect.  But after thinking about it he realized that this was not only a very touching and thoughtful inquiry, but that it would also be an honor for his work to be chosen and used in such a meaningful way.

Objects of Beauty and Affirmation

The urns sold on this website are sized to hold an adult’s cremains, and can be sealed with a simple bead of silicon adhesive. If used for a memorial ceremony, where the ashes might be spread, they can later be used as an object of beauty to offer a life affirming remembrance and honoring of the one who has passed. We also create custom urns for beloved four-legged family members, featuring an inlaid photo of the pet.

First, The Urns are Handmade from Stoneware Clay

Our urns are handmade from stoneware clay and fired in a gas kiln using an ancient technique known these days as Sagger firing. The Saggar is a larger lidded container in which the urn is placed before the firing, with various combustible and inert materials packed around the urn.

Later, during the firing, these materials fume and combust, leaving the darker smoky areas around the base, and the lighter pastel and earth tone colorings above.

Finally, They are Inlaid with Floral and Botanical Collages

After the firing, the urns are inlaid with collages of various floral and botanical imagery, overlaid with the skeletal leaves of the Bodhi Tree. The collages are then framed with scorched bamboo.  Should you wish to propose a custom inlay, for a more personal touch, we are open to your suggestions.